Joe Thambu Sensei began studying Aikido at age 11 under his uncle Thamby Rajah Sensei. Living next door to the dojo, he trained almost every day and was teaching classes by his mid-teens.

Immigrating to Australia in 1980, Thambu Sensei established Australia’s first Yoshinkan Aikido school, the Aikido Shudokan. Training for extended periods at Yoshinkan Headquarters in Japan, Thambu Sensei has studied under Aikido luminaries including Gozo Shioda Sensei, Kyoichi Inoue Sensei, Takeno Takafumi Sensei and Tsutomu Chida Sensei.

For 30 years Thambu Sensei has trained, taught and developed the Aikido of Gozo Shioda Sensei in Australia and around the world. Traveling frequently to England, Poland, Malaysia and Indonesia he is a teacher to the next generation of Aikido teachers. Thambu Sensei’s skill as a practitioner is widely recognised and he has a reputation for being a true teacher of Budo, the martial way. Under his guidance the Aikido Shudokan has seen the proliferation of traditional dojos internationally; that upholds and preserves the martial spirit.

Melbourne Budo Academy is a proud branch school with roots and philosophies from Shihan Joe Thambu’s Aikido Shudokan.